08 September 2015

New Home and Name for The Decorating Dork.

In late winter I had the brilliant idea of revamping my whole blogging image.
I felt that "The Decorating Dork" was too limiting.
I need a place where I can write and share all the different dorky sides of me, not just the decorating part.   So with a lot of brainstorming "Dork of All Trades" was born.   It was such a relief to not have the feeling of being boxed into a niche that didn't fit my true self.    I was all proud, full of ideas, ready to finally take myself to the next level and then...................

Life decided to punch me right in the throat.

For most of the winter my brother was sick and after only a month of being diagnosed with cancer, he was gone. (The rest of this story will be in a post coming later in the week)  
So, to say the least, my whole world has been turned upside down.  

As the summer comes to an end and the routine of back to school is here, I feel the need to get myself back on some sort of schedule.   (if that even possible)

I need the distraction, I need the outlet for my emotions, I need to feel normal.  

So, here I am trying to start all over again.

Dork of All Trades is going to take some time to get it where I want it to be, but I'm going to post over there while still working on the site and getting everything from here transferred over.
I'm excited to be able share all the crazy, dorky things that go on in my life and brain.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my decorating, home decor, diy and all that good stuff.  But I haven't felt confident in my ability to decorate or craft in a long time.    I find inspiration, admiration (and yes, envy)  of the hundreds of bloggers out there who do it on a daily basis.   I've come to the realization and acceptance that stalking blogs, Instagram and Pinterest is perfectly normal and ok with me for now.   And if one day the motivation and creative mojo flows enough where I actually create something, well then goddammit you all will be the first people I share it with.
Right now I'm all about my addiction to television, weight loss, plus size fashion, and of course there's still the home decor, diy, crafty stuff too.

So come follow me over at Dork of All Trades    (Please subscribe to email updates so you don't miss one dorky thing of mine.)  
Also you can follow me on Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  


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