07 February 2013

Burlap Wreath (Tutorial)

If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with all things burlap.  I love that I'm seeing more and more of it out in the home sections of stores like TJMaxx.

I made a bunch of these wreaths back in December for a craft show.  (I still have a few left over if you would like to order one from me, you can email me at TinaVanDeusen@Gmail.com)    

These are the supplies..... A foam wreath, burlap garland, small piece of burlap fabric off the bolt,  floral pins, scissors and a hot glue gun.   (all purchased at Michael's craft store)  

First I cut a strip of raw burlap to wrap around the foam wreath.  (Just so you don't see any of the green foam)  I secured it with a dab of hot glue.

Then I took the burlap garland and just started gathering it, pinning into the foam base with the floral pins as I went along.   There is not right or wrong way to do this.   I tried to not make it look so symmetrical, more free-flowing.  The good thing about using the pins is, you can remove them and move around the burlap if needed.  

Honestly, it's as simple as that....  Done!

You can add floral pics for any season, add a wooden or foam letter for a last name.  The possibilities are endless once you have the base done.

Sorry for the horrible quality of my pictures.   I need a good camera and some photography lessons.  
(It's on my "Bucket List")


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  2. What a great wreath! I can't wait to try one myself. You have a beautiful blog and home.

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