01 March 2015

GoodBye February.... Hello March

I'm not alone on this one, am I? February 2015 (for lack of a better word) SUCKED!

Here in Connecticut it went down in the history books for being the coldest month ever with an average temperature of 16.1 degrees.  Then there were the countless snow storms which dumped roughly 30+ inches of snow across the state.  I've barely left my house this month. Hell, I've barely showered this month, I didn't see much point in it.  

February was and will forever now be an emotional month for my family.   Last year my husband lost both his brother and father all within a week of each other.  It's been tough and having to deal with this horrible weather on top of it all, hasn't made it any easier.  I've learned a lot about myself and those that are around me. 
I am grateful we do end the month on a happy note with celebrating my oldest son Nick's birthday on the 28th.  He's the best kid a mom could ask for, smart, funny, talented, calm, cool, collected. (I know, where the hell did he come from?

But now that March is here, I'm excited.  I'm excited Spring is one day closer.  I'm excited for changes in my personal growth and excited for the changes coming to my site!   I'm going to be doing a whole re-branding of The Decorating Dork.   I've decided I'm way more then just a Decorating Dork, I'm more like a "Dork of all Trades."   (hint hint) 

So, Hello March! I'm happy you are finally here! 


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