29 March 2013

It's Been a Rough Couple of Months Around Here

To say this winter has been a long one,  is the understatement of the year!    

I wanted to write a post about why I haven't blogged in forever and what's been going on with me and my life.    I decided ..... nah
It's too sorted, long and just plain depressing.   I did make a word cloud with some of my feelings and going on's, but that's where I'm leaving it.     

It's time to pick myself, dust myself off and move forward.   It's all any of us can do, right?   

11 March 2013

Celebrating International Women's Day with The Walmart Bakery and Starbucks #DeliciousPairings #Cbias

Friday March 8th was International Women's Day.   I think as a women we SHOULD be celebrated and appreciated way more then we are.

Last week I was able to spend the day with a very special woman in my life, my friend Cheryl.   Between her busy family's schedule, my husband having surgery and the snowy winter we've had here in Connecticut, we haven't been able to get together in a long time.
Originally we had planned a lunch at my house to celebrate her birthday, but because of the threat of yet another snow storm we had to change it up a bit.   We decided to meet for a little shopping and lunch halfway between our two towns so that if the weather got bad, we could each quickly get home.  
It actually worked out perfect.  I was able to run into the local Walmart SuperCenter, which is like having a Walmart and a full grocery store all in one place.
Cheryl loves her coffee and baked goods, so I knew I could pick her up a little gift before meeting her for lunch.
First stop.....  The Bakery!    
 The bakery is full of yummy treats everywhere you turn and can I tell you, the smell was fantastic.  While walking around drooling over all the baked goods I came saw these Atlanta Bread Brownie Bites.    What woman doesn't love some chocolate?!
I grabbed a box of the plain for Cheryl.   I knew my husband wouldn't forgive me if I didn't bring him box of the walnut brownie bites and my son is a peanut butter lover, so those were coming home with me.

Cheryl LOVES her coffee, even more then she loves chocolate!  Starbucks is one of her favorite brands.  I don't normally go for Starbucks because they tend to have bold flavors.  I like a light roast, so it was always a turn off to me.    I had been hearing about this new roast from Starbucks called Veranda Blend Blonde.  It says it's mellow and soft.  (funny, I'm neither of those things)  So I grabbed a box of K-cups for Cheryl and a bag of grounds for myself.    From what I understand there was suppose to be a display about pairing the coffee to the bakery items, but unfortunately this store didn't have one of those.

 This is the reason I love Walmart, all in one stop I can buy coffee, baked goods, flowers and ribbon to put together a quick gift.

After a great lunch, I sent Cheryl home with her coffee and baked goods.    It was perfect we could both share a treat while snowed-in on Women's Day.

I couldn't wait to try the new Blonde Roast from Starbucks, so when I got home I brewed a much needed cup of coffee and opened the box of brownie bites.  I was pleasantly surprised that the coffee was not overpowering.  At that point I thought it tasted just as good as the coffee I had been buying until......

The next day I made my regular morning coffee and out of habit just grabbed the brand that was in the fridge.    I instantly knew the difference.   I honestly didn't think that a brand of coffee mattered that much because I add flavored creamer.   Well, I am now a convert.  

Did you celebrate International Women's Day?  Did you even know it was a day?  It's not too late, It's NEVER too late to celebrate a special women or even celebrate yourself!  Girls Rule!

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