04 February 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: February 4th

Oh.My.God. FINALLY a loss!  

Whewww... I can't tell you how good it feels to see a minus.  Although I do feel like it should have been more.  I'm going to shut my mouth and take it.  

I worked hard this week on tracking and trying to follow the Simply Filling plan.  I did pretty well, tracked every single day but eating only power foods wasn't working out for me.  So I concentrated on eating as healthy as I could and to track every single point (good or bad
Superbowl Sunday was the probably the hardest day of the whole week.  Just knowing everyone else was going to be pigging out on all sorts of wings, pizza, dips, chips and desserts was messing with my mind.  
I had been thinking about cake/cupcakes for a few days. So I thought if I just bought a box of mix and a container of frosting and get it over with, I could stop obsessing about it.  I made the mistake of buying sugar free cake mix and frosting.(thinking I was somehow being "good"
It tasted gross and didn't have less points plus value, so I felt myself constantly looking for something else to satisfy the craving.  When I make a cake mix I always use either egg beaters or egg whites and applesauce instead of oil.   So, in hind-sight I should have just bought the regular stuff, made 12 cupcakes (throw out the rest of the batter) and been done with it.  

At this week's meeting we talked about activity and how to make it more fun.  Not sure how that really works, exercise isn't my thing.   Don't get me wrong, I love going for my walks but I wouldn't exactly call it "fun" and the Gazelle I have sitting in my living room is more like slow torture.  Holy hell, that thing is a workout for a fat girl like myself.  To look at it, you think "oh it's easy, you're just gliding your feed back and forth."  NO. after five minutes I am breathing so hard, my heart is thumping right out of my chest.  But because it's been so cold and snowy here in Connecticut getting out to walk has been almost impossible so I forced myself to do it 3 times this week. 
My meeting leader Cathy had the suggestion to try walking indoors at our local Armory.  Actually she said she's available Monday and Friday mornings and wants to do it together along with my friend Donna who's also at the meetings.   That should be fun, we're always laughing and having a good time.   
I've also been thinking about getting a fitbit for a while.   Cathy said it makes her pay attention to her daily steps because she syncs up with friends and they have a bit of a competition going.   I never thought of it that way.  It's another great way of being accountable.  If I know my friends can see me being lazy or slacking off, maybe it'll be motivation to get my ass in gear.    

What activity do you do that's fun?  Do you like to workout alone or with a friend?  


  1. Another great entry Tina. And Congratulations! re: dessert, I bought WW candy to keep at my desk for stress moments. Instead of 1 for 1 point, I've done 3 for 4 points. Argh! re: exercsie, I've recently fallen in love with Hot Yoga. It's 90 min and you sweat a lot plus I found it curbs my cravings and stress eating (especially if i go at 7:30p when I'm normally entering my house after work and grabbing anything to eat). I've been successful in getting there 2-4x per week which is a miracle for me. I wish WW would make more variety of their frozen meals (ones that are vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten free). I suppose that would just end up being frozen vegetables and steam in the bag brown rice but it would be dreamy if they could make that happen. I wish we lived closer together, I'd totally walk with you.

    I have some fun Podcasts to listen to if you're taking longer walks. LMK and I'll email them to you. xo

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