21 July 2016

Change of Plans....

Last week I received an email from a really sweet girl Kim about my DorkOfAllTrades.com site.

"I had this brilliant idea for a blog and checked to see if the domain name was taken, and it was. Great minds think alike apparently!  I see you haven't posted since last September, and thought it was worth asking if you have any plans to give up the name.  Like I said, no expectations, just thought I'd ask :)
Have a great day!"

I know some people will think it's crazy, but I didn't hesitate to email her back and offer to switch over that site to her as soon as I could figure out how to do it.  Ya know, karma, it is a real thing.     

I hadn't done anything with either blog in a very long time due to the loss of my brother, life being super busy and my "not good enough" syndrome.   

In talking to a friend recently, she had already convinced me there was no reason to give up The Decorating Dork, even if I decided to talk about the million other things that go on in my head/life.  She reminded me that Dunkin Donuts doesn't just sell donuts, they offer a wide variety on their menu.  

The Decorating Dork would be here for me when I was ready to come back and thanks to Kim, I think I am.   

In our my back and forth follow up emails with Kim, we chatted about her vision for the site and I think she'll do it way more justice then I ever could.    I told her I'd be her number one fan and support her all the way.   

She also encouraged me to let go of the "not good enough" shit and just do "Me."    

So that the plan......   

Stay tuned.... but first, the Jersey Shore is calling and there's a beach chair with my name for the next week.   

See ya all August 1st.    

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