22 May 2013

It's Coming Up Red, White and Blue This Memorial Day with Stop & Shop and #cbias

Memorial Day is this weekend and you know what that means, right?   The official start to summer and grilling season!  It also means my birthday is right around the corner.      

My family has always combined celebrating the Memorial Day holiday with my birthday.  
Just like most Americans we have a BBQ at one of our houses.   I like it that way.  

Some people go camping for the weekend. I'm not really the outdoorsy kind.   
Some people go to the beach for the day.  It hasn't been warm enough here in Connecticut to even think about the beach yet.   
I think it's the perfect time for a staycation at home with the family!  Having a get-together at my house means I get to pick the "theme" for the party.   Since I'd rather forget I'm turning another year older, I'm going to go with the red, white and blue.   And just so you know, I love me a theme.  That means anything and everything I can buy, make or craft in those colors... I will!   

Stop and Shop is my go-to grocery store.   Seriously, I'm in there two, sometimes three times a week.  
One time the lady who works at the People's bank inside told me I should just get an account there since I'm in the store all the time.   Yeah, I'm there that much!  

When I saw this week's flyer with all the great sales and extra gas rewards points, it was a no-brainer.  

I'm a list maker and coupon cutter.  Well, most of the time.  I really hate to just go to the store all "willy-nilly"  It's never good for my diet or wallet.     

I know it sounds dorky, but I always take a quick stroll through the florist department.  All the pretty flowers, arrangements and balloons make me happy.   And yes, I'll "do cake".... anytime, anywhere.  
 Is there anything better then fresh corn on the cob?  Do you remember the days of rolling the corn on a stick of butter?  I love spray butter!  Best invention!
 Shhhh.... I don't tell anyone in my family that the hot dogs I buy are lean.  They NEVER can tell the difference anyway.

Everything I need and want is on sale... and I have coupons!  Go me!

Since it was a really hot day, I decided to cook the steak and a package of hot dogs outside on the grill for dinner that night.  While standing outside grilling, it was the perfect time to hang up the bunting and put out the other Americana decorations I bought at Stop and Shop.

 Okay, so I might have had a beer while standing out there too.     I couldn't resist, it matched everything else!

We also "had" to try out the s'mores.   They are mine and Thomas' favorite summer dessert!  I mean, really, who wouldn't love graham crackers and chocolate with red, white and blue star marshmallows?

If this is making you hungry or making you think about grilling this weekend you have to see everything else I found at Stop and Shop by checking out my Google + album. 
What do you do for the Memorial Day weekend?   Do you stay home or go away?    
P.S.  If you have any good red, white and blue themed ideas you want to share with me just leave me a comment with idea or a link.  I would love it.  

Happy Memorial Day!  Happy Start to the 2013 Summer/Grilling Season!   

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