21 April 2014

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday, it's meal planning day!  I usually plan my weekly dinner menu on Sunday while going through the store flyers and coupons.   
I'm excited to be trying a new recipe this week that I found on Pinterest. (of course, where else?)  Believe it or not I've never made lemon chicken or chicken piccata before but when I saw this one come up on my Pinterest feed it just looked so yummy and easy.   This recipe is for the crockpot, so I figured there was less chance of me messing it up. (fingers crossed)     I'll let you know how it comes out next week.

Do you meal plan?  I love seeing what other people make for dinner.  It's always fun to get ideas and try out new recipes.      

02 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday - I Never Thought Spring Would Come

Do you have a Wordless Wednesday?   Head over to 5MinutesForMom.com and link yours up. Then you can check out everyone else's photos of the week.     

01 April 2014

Did You Know April is National Decorating Month?

I'm not exactly sure who decided April was National Decorating Month, but it does seem like the perfect time of year to freshen up your home decor.  After being cooped up in the house during the long, cold winter it's something we can all look forward to.    Spring is the time of year we are cleaning and organizing our homes, so why not do a little redecorating while we're at it?  
I am what you would call a "seasonal" decorator.   I decorate my home more so for the seasons then holidays.    I have fall decor that is more harvest colors, leaves, scarecrows and pumpkins (no Halloween). Then my winter decor is snowmen, snowflakes, greenery and lots of lights tucked everywhere (nothing overly Christmas other then my tree)   This time of year is a little harder, all I seem to see is Easter bunnies and eggs, so it's a challenge to find accessories that just say "Spring."

I do plan on doing one big redecorating  project this Spring and that's my living room.   It's long over due.. I mean really long over due!      The whole room needs to be repainted, new furniture, lamps, curtains and a good 'ole fashioned decluttering.    I can not wait!    

In honor of National Decorating Month, here on The Decorating Dork I'm going to have several posts this April to celebrate.    I'll be sharing the process of my living room redo, ideas for making little changes to freshen up any decor and even a giveaway to help with your redecorating.

So, I hope you'll come back and celebrate with me.        

Happy Decorating!    


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