10 June 2011

Yup, That's Me.... "The Decorating Dork"

I have a love for decorating and all things "Home and Garden." Well, maybe not so much the "Garden" part but you know what I mean.

I am obsessed with fabrics, nothing makes me happier then just looking at bolts of fabrics.
See, why I called myself "The Decorating Dork?"
I have a little bit of a thing for roosters, beadboard and toile. They're all over my kitchen.
I would classify my taste in decorating as traditional/country.

In a perfect world my house would look like a page out of a magazine. Wouldn't all of ours? It's that pesky thing called "money" getting in my way! So for now flipping through magazines, catalogs, books and scouring the internet will have to do until I hit lotto.

This blog will be filled with things that inspire me or that I just like and want to share with you.


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