27 January 2013

Con-tact Paper....It Isn't Just For Lining Your Shelves

I have many obsessions and I'll be the first to admit that some of them are WEIRD.   My current obsession happens to be Con-tact paper.  I've been on a a kick lately, covering anything and everything with it.

It all started when I spotted this black and white shelf liner at Target.  I didn't have plans to redo any drawers or cabinets in the kitchen, I just knew I wanted it because it was pretty.  

I did use it to re-line the insides of my cabinets.

But that's not all I covered with it.....

My kitchen isn't very big, so I've always picky about what I leave on the counter tops.  I use these two cleaners so many times a day it was just more convenient  for me to leave them out.   But I couldn't stand that they stuck out like a sore thumb.  
So yes, I did cover my disinfecting wipes and glass cleaner with Con-tact paper just to match my kitchen.
And, YES I did spray paint the blue cover from the spray cleaner black so it would match too.  (I told you my obsessions were weird)  I keep the black cover and just reuse it on the new can.  I do have to recover it  every time I replace it, but it's worth it to me. (It's the OCD in me)    As for the wipes, I did buy the Target Up & Up brand only because the top was white, I refill it with what ever is on sale, Lysol or Clorox.  

But it doesn't stop there. When I went to take a picture of the corner in my kitchen to show how everything matched,  I realized something wasn't right.

Did you notice it?.... The rooster container on the shelf above my paper towel holder all of a sudden seemed yucky to me.  I keep scissors, pens, pencils and candle lighters in that, so it needs to stay.  It's been there for so long I can't believe it didn't bother me sooner. I do have roosters in other place in the kitchen, but I figured why not just cover it.

Ok, that's better.  (Sorry for the bad shot and glare)  It's all nice, neat and matchy-matchy, just how I like it!

I also used the Con-tact paper to cover some recycled soup cans, that I used as a utensil holder.  
(It was Christmas time when I did this project.  I was planning on gluing the snowflakes to each can for decoration, but decided not to after I was done) 
See Con-tact paper isn't just for lining your shelves.  You can use it to cover just about anything!  I did!

Just so you know I didn't get paid by Con-tact or anyone else for writing this post.  I do love it, use it and am happy to share my obsession with all of you!  


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