19 January 2014

Cleaning Out The Clutter... One Week At A Time (Master Bedroom)

With the new year comes all of the good intentions of being more organized in every aspect of life.
Since it's January, I am doing my BEST to turn all those "intentions" into reality.
I believe that when your household clutter is so out of control, so is your life and mind.    It's a lot easier said then done.   "Oh, just clean out, throw out and organize everything and it'll make your life better."   Well, when you really step back and look at all that needs to get done it's a bit paralyzing.   At least for me it is.

I know we are a few weeks into January already but it's been rough around here with my father-in-law in the hospital with serious heart and kidney failure.   I'm doing this now because, A) It's NEEDS to be done..B) I need to get my mind back in the game.. C) I could really use the distraction.  

Better late, then never...right?  

I originally was thinking I would do a 31 Day Cleaning/Organizing Challenge, but that quickly became too overwhelming.  After, I typed the whole list on my computer and printed it out, I instantly realized I was being unrealistic and setting myself up for disappointment. I just if I couldn't accomplish something everyday, I would get defeated and give up totally.   I decided it was probably a better idea to give myself a bigger goal but at the same time give myself a longer time frame.    So, I came up with this weekly "Cleaning Out The Clutter" challenge for myself.  

This week it's my bedroom.   I would normally start with an easier room, like the bathroom or laundry room. But I really wanted to challenge myself to get a big job done first.

Here's my plan:

  • under the bed 
  • both night stand drawers 
  • both dressers 
  • tv/entertainment center shelves and cabinet 
  • closets  (This will be the worst job of them all.  Both my husband's closet and mine are packed  from floor to ceiling with clothes and shoes.    The saddest part is that probably 75% of what's in there, is stuff  we wouldn't ever wear or doesn't fit.)    
  • vacuum and steam clean the rug 
  • new curtain for window 
Are you doing a cleaning, organizing or decluttering challenge?    I love hearing about how other people tackle their household chores.  

I'll be back every Sunday to update my progress and hopefully move on to another room.  

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