07 May 2012

Burlap & Painters Paint Markers #ExpressYourself

Right now burlap is hot, hot, hot.   Well, at least in my world it is. I just LOVE it!
So when I was given the opportunity to come up with a project using Elmer's Painters Paint Markers, I knew exactly what I was going to use them on.   I've used these markers for a long time now.  I use them for all sorts of projects from home decor to personalizing gifts to make them a little more "special."
I've used them on just about every surface except burlap. (duh, don't know why I didn't think of it sooner)
I ran to my Walmart to get all my supplies.   Burlap, Elmer's Painter Paint Markers and a frame.
I'm making this sound so organized and quick, but believe me I hemmed and hawed over what project to do! (Note to self: STOP OBSESSING)   Ok, so here I am at Walmart and I have to be very "ninja like" because some employees in my store don't like it when I take pictures.

Look at all the different colors they have to choose from!  I really love that you can buy a single marker. At my store the singles are $1.97.  I knew I was only going to need the black for this project. It was nice not to have to spent $9.97 for a set of 5 mixed colors.  (even though I know I would probably use them in the future)

Whewww.. no one hounded me about my picture taking!  Now, it's home to get crafty!
First I decided to make a vase and since I just love to personalize things... yup you guessed it, I'm stenciling a "V" (for VanDeusen) on my burlap.  I used a glass pickle jar I washed out and saved.  It was so easy and quick.  Less mess then using a paint and brush to stencil! I did put a folded paper towel under the burlap so the paint wouldn't go through to my table.  

My next project was to make a framed HOME sign for a shelf unit in my living room.
First, I spray painted the frame black to match my other stuff.  Next, I took it all apart and covered the back part with the burlap. I stenciled "HOME" with my paint markers.  I drew the squiggle under HOME free-hand.  Then, I put the frame back together.   EASY PEASY!


I really think Elmer's has some great products for all sorts of craft and home projects!   You should totally check them out on Facebook, Twitter and their site at Elmers.com 

Have you made any projects using burlap or the Painters Paint Markers?   I'd love to see them!! 

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop has been compensated as a social shopper inside study for Collective Bias.  #CBias #SocialFabric #ExpressYourself     


  1. I love that look - plus it looks like it wasn't too hard to do. Great idea!

  2. That actually looks like a craft I could do! Love it!

  3. Those are so pretty!!! Great job! xoxo- Rachel

  4. I love this project! Awesome job. I was working on mine today charging up the camera battery lol
    visiting from DearCreatives.com

  5. I love the texture that the burlap brings!

  6. I love, love burlap too! What an easy way to use it around the home. Totally stealing this idea!

  7. I would never have thought of that. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Thanks for Sharing, I was wondering which Markers would be best for Burlap!! I am a Burlap junkie!

    Huggs, Nancy

  9. Thanks for the sharing informative content about paint marker.

  10. There are two types one that allows the transfer to be used two or three times if not more. fabric markers pens


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