02 May 2014

My Mornings with Millstone® & the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Drip Coffee Maker from Wal-Mart #CoffeeJourneys #Cbias #Giveaway

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I love my morning coffee, don't we all?  Although a lot of people are using the single brew/pod coffee machines, I think a drip coffee maker is still my best bet.   Combining Millstone® french vanilla coffee and the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ coffee maker from Walmart  is just heaven in my book.

Now to make this an even better deal,  #CollectiveBias have given me the opportunity to not only try this winning combination for myself, but I'm able to give one away to a lucky reader! Could it be you? 
Well, you've gotta go on a little journey with me first before we can get to the good stuff.   Keep scrolling....

Heading out to Walmart is nothing new for me, I'm there all the time.   I have to say I've never been in a Neighborhood Market store though.   It's gorgeous, green and full of great buys.

First stop on my journey is the coffee aisle to grab some Millstone® french vanilla coffee. (I'm a flavored coffee kinda gal.)   Millstone® has several other coffee roasts like a  Kona Blend, Hazelnut Cream,   Breakfast Blend and Decaf versions just to name a few, so there's something for everyone.   Did you know that  Millstone® is made from 100% Arabica beans and should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and not refrigerated?  I had no idea, all these years thinking once I opened a package of coffee it had to go in the refrigerator.   Oh well, moving on.....  Next it's to pick up the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal coffee maker.   Personally I can't use a coffee maker with a glass pot, I'm way too much of a klutz.  I can't tell you how many I've broken over the years.    So not only is a thermal pot the way to go for us "accident prone" people, it also keeps your coffee hot and fresh for hours longer.   Another great function of the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™  is the pause 'n serve, it allows you to have a cup of coffee before the full brewing is done.  Awesome feature for when you just can't wait for that first cup of morning coffee, right?    

Mmmmm.... I wish you could smell this!  There's nothing that gets you ready the day ahead then the aroma of that first cup of coffee.

I have to admit, I like to have a little "french vanilla" with my french vanilla.   Sometimes I do use a flavored creamer with my flavored coffee.  What can I say?  

Here's a little  Instagram video of how my morning  #CoffeeJourneys goes.   After I get Thomas on the bus I brew myself a pot of coffee, sit at my computer and call my mom.   The only thing that could make it better, would be if I was at the beach with my mom and my cup coffee but that's a whole other story.

Don't forget after you watch the video make sure you enter the giveaway below for one of the best coffee makers and coffee around! 
 Are you ready to head out on your own #CoffeeJourney? Then enter to win the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Drip Coffee Maker and a package of Millstone® flavored coffee below. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I do use a drip coffee maker, and I like my coffee hot, strong, and flavored with a bit of hazelnut creamer!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  2. Right now I use a French press, since I am the only one in the house who drinks coffee....the drip coffeemaker would be great for when we have guests, and I get to drink coffee with other people! I like my coffee with a splash of milk and some sugar.

  3. I use a drip coffee maker right now. It is a one person, I would love a larger one that work better

  4. You know I am a HUGE coffee fan! You can never go wrong with a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. I'll have to try the Millstone coffee soon!


    I do use a drip maker :) My coffee journey begins when I wake up in the morning and ends just after 2pm with my second cup of coffee. It's a ritual :)


  6. I do use a drip coffee maker. My coffee journey starts in the morning and goes strong until about 11am. It's one of the only things that helps me wake up :)
    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  7. I use a drip coffee maker when there's company here or to make big jugs of iced coffee in the summer. I really should use it more because it's far less expensive than K-cups but mine is crappy and burns the coffee. That's why I'm entering to win this one! :)

    maggie at literary winner dot com

  8. My coffee journey starts every morning when the first thing I do is make coffee. I do use a drip coffee maker.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

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