21 January 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday

I just realized that today Jan 21st, is my 21st week back on Weight Watchers.   I'm not sure if that's some sort of "sign" or something, but I'm going to take it as one.   It has not been easy at all, as you can see by this week's weigh in, I gained.   I kinda knew that was going to happen, it's been a week of emotional eating, not really tracking and no extra activity.   Although over the holidays I had lost 2.4 pounds, I ate a lot of sweets.   Let me tell ya, trying to kick a sugar addiction is a hard as hell.       

In the beginning of January I wanted to set a goal of losing 45 pounds by my 45th birthday which is at the end of May.    Sounded good to me, but that would mean I'd have to lose at least 2.5 pounds each week.    My Weight Watchers leader told me that it's unrealistic and I'd be setting myself up for a let-down.  After thinking about it, she's right.   I have to take a more manageable approach to this long-term goal.    

With all that in mind, I counted the weeks til my birthday and it's 18.   If I can lose another 18 pounds (just 1 pound per week) that would put my total weight loss at a little over 30 pounds.  I'd be happy with that!  

So, in order to make sure I stay on track and hit this goal I'm going to concentrate on one new healthy habit each week.    

At this week's Weight Watchers meeting we talked about "Partying Without Panic."  Obviously it's getting us ready to tackle all the food and drinks that are at Super Bowl parties.   This doesn't really apply to me because we normally stay home and watch the game.   But we go to and have parties all year long, so in the spirit of committing myself wholeheartedly to this process I'm going to find, make and figure out the points plus values for two "party" recipes. (1 appetizer, 1 dessert)   Oh, my leader Cathy is going to be so happy with me and of course I'll share it here on my next Weigh-In Wednesday post.  
Are you on a weight loss journey?  I'd love to connect, give and get support. 



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