21 May 2012

Welcoming A New Puppy To The Family #ILoveMyK9

Not too long ago, my stepson Jason came over and said.. "Come out to my truck, I have something to show you."   Sitting in the front seat of his truck was a PUPPY!  His girlfriend Becky bought the puppy for him as a surprise!  Jason lost a dog that was left to him by a good friend who passed away and I think Becky thought this would help fill the void.  
His name is Diesel.  He is such a little spaz but a cute spaz.  He is part husky and part, I-don't-know-what.  If you look closely, he has two different color eyes.   Cool, right?
Last year we also lost a  dog, so it was nice to have a puppy around.
Diesel doesn't live here at my house.  Honestly, I'm not sure I could handle a puppy myself right now.
We have Como, a 5 yr old cream colored standard poodle.   We got him last summer after our black standard poodle Stewie was diagnosed with bone cancer and passed away.   Cosmo is actually Stewie's nephew.  My inlaws called the breeder where they bought Stewie about 7 years ago to ask if there were any puppies in Stewie's blood line.  They told them that they didn't breed anymore but that they had a dog related to Stewie that needed a new home.  So we drove out there and met him. He was so sweet,  we couldn't help but bring him home!  Cosmo was a bit skittish at first, as you can imagine.  I'm sure he didn't understand why he was in a new home.  Cosmo grew up in a kennel with other dogs, not in a house with people fawning all over him.  It didn't take him long at all to get used to being spoiled rotten. 
When Cosmo first met Diesel they played like two little puppies even though Cosmo is twice Diesel's size.

I thought it would be a good idea to head to Walmart to pick up some puppy supplies to welcome Diesel to the family.  So off I went...
The first product I'm drawn to is Milk-Bone.  We all know and love Milk-Bone products, right?
Of course I went for the box with the husky dog on it, but then saw the Trail Mix and thought "that was different."
The Milo's Kitchen treats are so cute, they look like actual food.   The meatballs are round, the grilled chicken strips even have the black grill marks on them.   We HAVE to try some of these!

Then there was the Pup-Peroni products.  What dog isn't going to like these?  There is even a new Mix Stix that I grabbed for Diesel (and Cosmo) to try.

Now it's home to get the "Welcome Basket" ready...
I got a lock top bin to keep all of Diesel's snacks and toys in and of course I had to personalize it with his name.   I've learned the hard way, you have to keep this stuff in a sealed container so they can't get into it.
Welcome to the family, Diesel
For my whole shopping trip and everything else I bought for Diesel, check out my story on Google+.

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  1. Such a cute puppy! That Trail Mix snack looks interesting. I might pick some up for my dog. :)

  2. I love the idea of the welcome basket for the newest member of the family. Providing a covered tote is an AWESOME idea!

  3. They should also be bought from a recognized dog breeder, since this is the only way of determining whether they are pure breeds. Pitbull gear


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