28 September 2012

Crafting with Beer Cans

In my family we make a big deal out of birthdays, even the adults birthdays.  

My brother James'  birthday is Sept. 11th.  A horrible day to have to celebrate your birthday, right?  

James not only has to share his birthday with one of the most horrific days in our country's history but in 1984 just 2 days before his 16th birthday our oldest brother was killed in a car accident.    So needless to say ever since then he really has a hard time around his birthday.  He actually hates it.  

My mother, sister and I always try to make his birthday extra special.   Every year we make him some sort of goofy kid-like cake just to make him smile.

Last year I made him a cake with a Bud Light beer can on it.

This year I decided to make him a cake using actual beer cans!  Of course I first got the idea from Pinterest. (where else?)  I mean what was the purpose of life before we had Pinterest?  Really?

First I got all the supplies...
* Cheap plastic tray from Goodwill for $1 to use as the base
* Elmer's foam board
* X-acto knife
* Clear packing tape
* Ribbon
* Beer.. lets NOT forget the main ingredient in this cake! (44 cans to be exact, it's his 44th birthday after all and I'm all dorky like that)

 It was  so simple and way fun to do.  I just know my brother is going to LOVE it.  How could he NOT?   I wouldn't mind getting one of these for my birthday. 
                              FIY:  44 beer cans, yeah that was the HEAVIEST cake I ever had to carry.

The only thing I would do next time is.... USE MORE TAPE!  I mistakenly thought the cans would miraculously just stay together with that pretty sheer ribbon wrapped around them.   Not-so-much.
The first turn out of my driveway and the whole thing tipped over and came apart in the back of my truck.

Beer Can Cake  FAIL.....

One can exploded all over and I  prayed the whole way to my mom's house that I didn't get pulled over.  
My car stunk like booze, big time!   When I got to my mom's we fixed it all back up like new and even took a beer can from her fridge so there were still 44 all together.   Wouldn't want to jinx his B-day in any way!  Duh
I wish I had gotten a pic of his face when I brought the cake/present out and put in front of him.  His smile was worth it all! 

Now I'm sure you're wondering what's in the cute cake carrier marked "Celebrate."  Well, that is James' actual birthday cake that I made.   It was a Long Island Ice Tea cake.  I know, I know... that must sound weird, but like I said we try to make my brother's birthdays "extra special."   The long story short of it is, that while on our Family Cruise in July my brother drank Long Island Ice Teas from sunrise to sunset and let's just say even though he is a BIG guy, those suckers got him, shall we say, a little tipsy.  (ps. you can also find anything and everything with a quick Google search)      

Do you make adult birthdays extra special?  What's the funniest/ most unusual cake or gift you've ever made?   


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